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What is the impact of raw materials for polymer batteries on health and how to protect it?

How much do you know about the health hazards of lithium batteries? Below is the lithium battery factory's small edition and everyone's analysis.

Solid raw materials for various polymer lithium batteries have not been reported to be harmful to health. In our production control environment, it is far below the level of damage to the body. In the process of large dust, such as proportioning, powder scraping, powder sweeping and so on, it is necessary to wear a mask to prevent dust from inhaling too much dust and causing harm to the body. In liquid raw materials, positive solvents absorb water strongly and absorb moisture from the skin. Pay attention to protecting the skin and avoid contamination, in case the contamination is washed away with water as soon as possible. No reports of electrolyte harm have been reported.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of polymer lithium batteries. The models of polymer lithium batteries are complete and can be widely used in:

Sports Fitness: Sports watches, sports bracelets and accessories are the main forms to realize the monitoring, analysis and service of sports or outdoor data such as heart rate, step frequency, air pressure, diving depth, altitude and other indicators.

Medical care: Provide the detection and treatment of blood pressure, heart rate and other medical signs in a variety of forms, including arm sphygmomanometer, wearable oxygen monitor, palm monitor, wearable single-channel ECG, etc.

Consumer electronics: smart watch, smart glasses, WIFI stereo, wearable multi-touch projector, charging boots, fitness clothes, navigation shoes, etc.

Product characteristics of polymer lithium batteries:

1. Various sizes: models and capacities are available for selection, with strong applicability.

2. Quality Assurance: Using A-type cores with high capacity and low internal resistance

3. Stable performance: Long cycle life: After 500 consecutive charges and discharges, the battery capacity is not less than 80% of the rated capacity.

4. No memory effect: can charge and discharge at any time

5. High security: built-in circuit protection board, with short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, impact, vibration, needling, high temperature and other conditions of fire, non-explosion and other characteristics.

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